Q. When and where is the wedding?
A. Our wedding will be held on September 7th, 2019 in Chatham, Ma.

Q. How quickly should I book accommodations for the wedding?
A. We suggest booking ASAP. Cape Cod is a popular vacation destination and places will fill up fast.

Q. Is there parking at the venue?
A. No. But we've arrange pick ups - see below!

Q. Will there be transportation to ceremony/reception?
A. Yes, we will arrange for bus pickups at a few central locations around town. Please refer to the Tranportation tab.

Q. What should I wear?
A. The wedding is cocktail attire (e.g. suits for men and dresses, etc for women). The ceremony and reception will all take place outdoors, so wear shoes that are grass-friendly. Additionally, the weather in Chatham is a little unpredictable. Bring layers in case the temperatures drop at night.

Q. Will Ruby, your dog, be there?
A. Definitely.

Q. Isn't there a hurricane coming?
A.. Potentially, but the wedding will go on and hopefully clear just in time for Saturday! Bring umbrellas and a warmer layer, just in case.

Sweta Modi